Race distance sheet explained

Average results:
Average finishing time: This is the important one!! The average finishing time in an average race. Calculated by adding up the total time it took all the runners to finish the race, and dividing by the total number of runners
Middle of the pack:

This is interesting as well. Middle of the pack - if you were the middle runner for the race or for your gender, this is your time. This is not quite the same as average finishing time.
Average winning time:

This is the average time for a winner in the race. Taken by adding up all the winners times and dividing by the number of races. Normally this is the first man but that is genetics for you
Peak finishing time: This is the time in the race where most runners cross the line - the busiest minute for the finish funnel marshals
Average last finishers time:

This is the average time the last runner finishers in. Sort of - some courses stop timing after a set time. I've included this so that race marshals know how long they might have to stand about on the course for!! Note that the average slowest runner is slower than either the average slowest woman or average slowest man because it takes last place, regardless of whether they are man or woman.
Total Runners Sort of self explanatory I think. This is how many runners of each gender I have analysed results for.

How did you do?
Based on a time you completed a race in, this tells you where as a percent you would have come in an average race. Tells you for your gender and for your overall position.
Note that the averages tables that this refers to are only for every half percent and that some minutes might cover a few percent of people crossing the line at the same time. For example, if you got the average, middle of the pack time for a race, the how did you do button might show a different percent - this is OK and is due to the way the lookup table works. A future up date will correct this.

Total Number of Races: How many races I have analysed. Where do I stop with this? Well after a while the averages converge and this is where I'll stop. See the results summary for this Total Miles run If you counted all the finishers and how far they ran, this is the total.
Average Runners per race: The average number of runners per race. Club : No Club Ratio Where known. This is the ratio of how many runners belong to a club against how many don't.
Male : Female Ratio Ratio of men to women Club / No Club average time Shows the average time a runner who is a member of a running club and the average time who is not in a running club

The tables and charts:
There are 2 charts here and the tables show some of the data that make up these charts.

Chart 1, Finishing time profile. This chart shows the profile of which minute runners finish in. They get to a peak ('Peak Finishing time') and die away again.

Chart 2, Percent finished per minute. This shows how the percent of runners finish each minute, starting from 0 and building to 100% when all the runners have finished. Useful to compare the profiles of all 4 distances

For clarity these charts are not very detailed but they give a good indication of how each race finishing times go.

With increasing numbers of results these charts will become smooth lines and it will be possible to produce a formula for each... hmm that could be interesting. I just need to be a mathematical genius to do that.

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