RoadRaceStatistics is here just for the average runner, middle of the road, middle of the pack runner who is curious about what a recent race results tells them.

It has come about because once I asked myself "I have finished my 10km race in 45 minutes, is this good, and just how good is it?". So I had a look at the race results - top half of the pack, pretty good. Then I asked myself, was my "just faster than the middle of the pack" typical for my speed - if I ran another race with this speed, where might I have come? Hmmmm... Time to do some research

After a few wasted hours online, and a lot of scribbled bits of paper, I have found a sort of average finish time for 5km, 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon races (in the UK anyway).

I think that I can now answer the common question:

"What is the average time to complete a 10km race?"

Last thing to note is the quote I saw once "50% of the world are below average" - remember that the average time to complete a race is just that - an average, the middle, center. Someone will always be faster than average, if that is their thing. Some of us are happy for the day out with other runners - and slower than average, well, that is OK with me.

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I am not intending this to be a website that is updated with new stuff every day, or week. Just new stuff every so often but it is a good reference to look at after you have completed a race